Saffron & Salt 

Offering speciality foods since 2018

-   ABOUT US  -


I love to cook and have always loved to cook. Some of my fondest memories is cooking with my grandmother. Spending the hot summers picking fruits and vegetables from the garden only to spend countless sweaty hours prepping for meals and later canning for the long cold winter. It is this love for tradition and sense of family that has been the inspiration for Saffron and Salt. I want our products to be reminiscent of that time but move it into the future with our interesting products. Saffron & Salt's mission is to create condiments that are unique  to the world but mixing the past with the future in innovative ways. Starting with our first product of Candied Jalapenos which is a modern take on an existing product. We want to tell our story through farmers markets and local stores. Sharing our innovative concepts with those who want products that mean something.