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"This is the apogee of what canned Jalapenos should be like!  It's the best complement to both fancy and casual meals!" 
M. Morariu

"Saffron & Salt's candied jalapeños are full of flavor, sweet and sour and not too spicy. They go great in egg salad, on deviled eggs, chopped up as a relish. I'm picky about jalapeños—I like spice, but not too much—and these give such a gentle heat that I want to add them to everything. They've earned a permanent place in our fridge, next to all our other favorite condiments. "
L. Goodrich

"Saffron & Salt’s candied jalapeños are the perfect addition to any meal! They can be used in a variety of ways and elevate any dish with a distinct yet not so overpowering flavor. It’s a must have condiment for every foodie’s kitchen!"
F. Gill

"These jalapenos are a favorite in my house! We put them with everything or even simply eat them straight out of the jar. Ashley is a magician with it comes to making them a perfect balance of sweet and spicy! YUM! I can't wait to try what she does next!"
L. Stayer

"Saffron & Salt's candied jalapeños are tangy, unique, and versatile! They’ll brighten up even the saddest of “sad desk lunches” and just as easily impress your friends in fancy cocktails."
J. Ludwig

"Your candied jalapeños are addictive in the best way!"
B. Green

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